Series 300

Laqua WQ-300 Series Instruments

The portable Laqua WQ 300 Series is a series of revolutionary smart digital Handheld Water Quality Meters. The 300 Series offers versatile Channels & Adaptive Display. Single-, dual-, and triple-channel models are available. Sensors can be connected to any channel in dual- and triple-channel models and the meter screen automatically adjusts.
The Laqua 300 series Instruments feature automatic Sensor Recognition. Sensor info, calibration data, and measurement setup are stored in sensor head and are viewable in the meter when sensor is connected.
Data Transfer via USB or Wireless Communication. Meter stores up to 10,000 data with date/time stamp for GLP compliance. Transfer data from meter to computer seamlessly via USB cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Each meter comes with a wireless SD card.
Instruments are particularly robust (IP67) and ideal for use even under the toughest conditions. Made in Japan - highest reliability and quality.
Laqua 300 Series is a completely modular system. All Handheld Meters accept all Horiba Electrodes: PH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox and Ion (Redox and Ion by BNC Sensor Head Adapter).

4 simple Steps to choose your instrument:

  1. Step: Select your Handmeter with 1, 2 or 3-Channels
  2. Step: Select your Electrode Head: PH-Head, Conductivity-Head, ORP-Head, Ion-Head
  3. Step: Select your Electrode Cartridge (PH, Conductivity, DO); Analog sensors can be connected using the BNC Sensor Head Adapter)
  4. Step: Select your Calibration Solutions

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