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Product no.: F-74A-S

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Measures pH/ORP/Ion/Temp/Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS – 2 channels


LAQUA's large capacitance touch screen panel:

  • LAQUA’s large capacitance touch screen panel:
  • Display easy to understand value and functions menus
  • Switch between digital real time graphs or analogue displays during measurement with just the flick of a finger
  • Full on-screen support on the meter via an electronic user guide with colour pictures that can be called up at any time, featuring problem solver guide for calibration or measurement


  • Easy navigation for main unit and electrode inspections
  • Two channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • Periodic inspection mode: JIS/Pharmacopeias/Digital Simulator
  • Full support for various country pharmaceutical pure water guidelines
  • Customizable auto-hold function for calibration and measurement
  • Simultaneous connection to a GLP/GMP compatible and PC
  • Digital memory - maximum 2,000 sets of measurement data can be recorded
  • USB-PC communication and USB memory
  • Multi-language support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

Meter kit available

F-74A-S Package details:

  • LAQUA F-74 pH/ORP/Ion/ Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS 2-channel colour touch screen meter
  • 9615S-10D Standard ToupH, glass-body, refillable pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor
  • 3552-10D Platinum/Platinum black, glass-body, k=1.0 conductivity electrode with integrated temperature sensor
  • 101-SU: pH 4.0 / 7.00 / 10.01 buffers & 3.33M KCl
  • 103-S: 84 µS/cm, 1413µS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm conductivity solutions
  • Electrode stand


Model:LAQUA F-74
pH measurement method:Glass electrode method
Measurement range:
pH 0,000~14.000
Display range:
pH -2.000~20.000
0.01/0.001 pH
Auto range select:
Repeatability:±0,001 pH±1 digit
pH calibration points:
Repeatability check:
Alarm limit of calibration:
Periodical check:Yes
mV(ORP) measurement range:±1999.9 mV
Resolution:0.1 mV
Repeatability:±0.1 mV±1 digit
Temperature measurement range:0.0~100.0℃ (-30.0~130.0℃)
±0.1℃±1 digit
ION measurement method:Ion electrode method
Measurement range:0.00 μg/L~999 g/L (mol/L)
Resolution:Valid numbers 3 digits
Repeatability:±0.5% ±1 digit
Periodical check:Yes
Calibration curve points:5
Addition method measurement:Yes
Conductivity measurement method:2 AC bipolar method
Measurement range (Display range):Cell constant 100 m-1:0.000 mS/m〜19.99 S/m
Cell constant 10 m-1:0.0 μS/m〜1.999 S/m
Cell constant 1000 m-1:0.00 mS/m〜199.9 S/m
Resolution:0.05% of full scale
Repeatability:±0.5% ±1 digit
Change unit:
Distilled water temperature conversion:
Periodical check:
JP/EP/USP/CP Pharmaceutical water application:
Salinity measurement method:Conversion from conductivity value
Measurement range (Display range):0.00~80.00 PPT (0.000%~8.000%)
Resolution:0.01 PPT (0.001%)
Salt concentration calibration:
Resistivity measurement method:Conversion from conductivity value
Measurement range (Display range):Cell constant 100 m-1:0.00 Ω・m〜199.9 kΩ・m
Cell constant 10 m-1:0.0 Ω・m〜1.999 MΩ・m
Cell constant 1000 m-1:0.000 Ω・m〜19.99 kΩ・m
Resolution:0.05% F.S.
Repeatability:±0.5%F.S.±1 digit
TDS measurement method:Conversion from conductivity value
Measurement range (Display range):0.01 mg/L ~1000 g/L
Resolution:0.01 mg/L
Input (CH):2
USB peripherals (Communication with PC1):Yes
USB host (USB memory):Yes
RS-232C (Printer/PC):Yes
Analog output:Yes
Data memory:2,000
Interval memory:Yes
ID input:Yes
Data search:Yes
Display:Color graphic LCD with capacitive Touch Panel
Multilanguage Display:Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean
Navigation function:Yes
User guide:Yes
Graf display:Yes
Printer connectivity (GLP/GMP):Yes
Custom printing function:Yes
Temperature compensation (auto/manual):Yes
AutoHold function:Yes
AutoHold setting:Yes
Stability function (pH/ION):Yes
Register operator:Yes
Security (password):Yes
Version Update function:Yes
Ambient temperature:0 ℃ - 45℃
Power:AC adaptor 100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:170(W)×174(D)×73(H)mm (Excluding electrode stand and AC adaptor)
Power consumption:Approx. 9.8 VA
Mass of main unit:Approx. 700 g

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